Xenlong Lost Dreams

Many little trifles

Perfect World of WarCraft PvP Twink

World of WarCraft was a game I played for a very long time, quit very fast and continued playing even faster as soon as a new add-on came out. However, this style of playing showed me quite fast that I'll never could have had a perfect character. So, what to do? Well, World of WarCraft offers so-called Battlegrounds on which players compete against each other in huge battles. Battlegrounds have character level limitations such that no low-level player has to compete against a high-end player. But what is, if you decide to be the strongest among the low-level players? My project 2010: Become the strongest warrior on the battleground between levels 10 and 19. It was a long road, even a very, very long road because many items could only be scavenged by time-consuming processes. At the beginning of 2011 it was finally achieved: The perfect warrior was finished and unstoppable.

Lost Dreams by Christian Cölln

Christian is a very good friend of mine. Right now, he's working on his masters degree, but his very special recreational activity is writing a novel. He calls it a "new adult sci-fi thriller". And it's more than just a recreational activity, but his biggest dream to publish a book, to hold it in his hands and, possibly, to even have success with it. He sends me his thoughts almost on a daily basis and new excerpts from time to time. Meanwhile, he's gotten very far and I've even had the honor to create a book cover for him. Follow his story on his homepage. It will be worthwhile.

YarHead the game & YarHead - Armored Space Battle Suit Ultra Z

One of my best friends gave me a very special birthday present: He programmed a game starring my head. In the end, the game is very simple, but has an incredibly fast increasing level of difficulty. Later, this friend even published a second part with the ultimate name: YarHead - Armored Space Battle Suit Ultra Z. And the game is not less awesome. Play it online here and now.

My first homepage

Acutally, it isn't my first homepage, but my first self-created online presence with semantically and syntactically good code. Especially the content is very interesting. I incorporated everything I knew about my favorite movie monsters.